Free Genpak Food Containers

This is a great new offer from Genpak. They are giving away free sample of their food containers. You can choose up to 12 of these containers. You can request this freebie right on their sample order page. Just fill out the form and let them know what types of containers you are interested in.… Read More »

Free Pizza Calendar Magnet

This is an offer from Magnets Buddy for a free magnetic calendar. This is a great little freebie to keep in the fridge, or anywhere else you can stick a magnet. It lists all 12 months along with the dates of all the national holidays. As usual, you can expect this sample to arrive within… Read More »

Free Bundoo Bundles Sample Box

This is an offer from Bundoo Bundles, a company like daily goodie box and pinchme. They are offering up a free sample box. They only have a certain amount of these to give out each month. So, just like the others sample boxes, sign up and fill out as much info as possible to help… Read More »

Free Large Recycling Bags

This is an offer from Simple Recycling for some free recycling bags. This offer is free forever for anyone who is interested. You can request yours right on their site just fill out the form on the right hand side. As usual, you can expect this sample to arrive within 4-8 weeks, if not longer.… Read More »

Free $25 to Paypal or Amazon from VIP Voice

VIP Voice is giving these $25 cards again. Select members are being offered free $25 Gift Cards from VIP Voice. Some are even receiving multiple $25 offers after completing a survey. I did a survey today and a box popped up that I will receive a $25 Amazon gift card or Paypal cash for completing… Read More »

Free Star Wars Millennium Falcon Microfighter Lego Set

How about getting a free full size Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lego Set? Right now, thanks to this new offer you can get your hands on one of these great Lego sets for free. This offer is valid through June 30th, 2018 and will last as long as the supplies do. Those of you who… Read More »

New 2018 Memorial Day Freebies (38 freebies in all)

In honor of those serving or who have served in the military, we have put together a small list of freebies to enjoy on Memorial Day! We’ll be adding even more offers as they become available. Thank you for your service and sacrifices enjoy the 38 freebies! Some of the offers are good on Memorial… Read More »